Working together to protect Phillip Island and San Remo's unique biodiversity from plastic pollution.


No corner of our earth is unaffected by plastic pollution. It is everywhere, all of the time and it lasts forever. Each year, an estimated eight million tonnes of plastic, much of which is single-use or disposable - used once, sometimes just for a few seconds, and discarded, ends up in our worlds oceans. Here, it negatively impacts the health of marine ecosystems, from the tiniest zooplankton to the largest whales. Humanity relies on the services Earth's interconnected ecosystems provide us, and for us to be healthy our oceans need to be healthy. 

Phillip Island and San Remo is an iconic Australian destination, known for its pristine beaches, surfing and diverse marine life. Community conservation groups have worked for years restoring and cleaning up these coastlines. We provide a collective voice for these past efforts, inspire, unite and recognise current plastic reduction initiatives and help grow a community dedicated to improving the health of our oceans.  



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