We provide you with tools, resources and support to make positive plastic free changes to your business. 



Being a Proudly Plastic Free Business involves removing all disposable plastics provided to customers and, if necessary, replacing them with ocean friendly alternatives. It also involves actively encouraging customers to bring their reusables into your business!

In order to be considered Proudly Plastic Free, your business needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Straws - no single-use straws offered, BYO reusable straw promoted to customers, recycled paper straw provided only upon request, Straw No More awareness campaign promoted.

  • Carry Bags - no plastic bags offered, BYO reusable bag promoted to customers, recycled paper alternative provided for small charge (i.e. 15c); Boomerang Bags awareness campaign promoted.

  • Packaging - no plastic takeaway packaging offered, BYO reusable containers promoted to customers, recycled paper/cardboard provided upon request, no bio-plastic (i.e. cornstarch, plant-based) offered (read why below*).

  • Bottles - Tap water offered, BYO reusable bottle promoted to customers, replace bottled drinks with cans or glass.

  • Cups - BYO reusable cup promoted to customers; free second-hand mugs offered, Responsible Cafes member and promoted.

  • Cutlery - no plastic cutlery offered, BYO reusable cutlery promoted to customers, bamboo cutlery provided.

  • Bass Coast Shire Council waste management practices followed.

Note: We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we apply this award based on how your business meets the below criteria and what actions you have taken that are within your control. For example, a retail shop can choose to stop providing plastic bags to customers (winning), but receive their stock wrapped in plastics from suppliers. This business would still be considered plastic bag free because they have made positive change within their control. We would also encourage them to talk to their suppliers, or find more ethical and sustainable options.

Not ready to go fully plastic-free yet? No worries!

Every little bit counts. Efforts to reduce plastic straws will receive Straw No More promotional materials; reduce coffee cups will be connected with Responsible Cafes; reduce plastic bags will be receive plastic bag free kits and connected with Boomerang Bags Phillip Island & San Remo and reduce bottles with Westernport Water's Choose Tap.

*Compostable Bioplastics - listen up friends, this is important!

Compostable bio-plastic products only break down in specialised commercial composting facilities (this does not include home composting units). These are the facilities used by Bass Coast Shire Council for our organics waste (green bins, green compostable bin bags). However, current processes at these facilities cannot differentiate any other form of compostable/bio-plastic (i.e. compostable straw or packaging) from normal plastic packaging and so these items are not composted and end up in landfill. In addition, compostable bioplastics in the environment take years to break down and pose the same threats to marine life (ingestion and entanglement) as does normal plastic. We therefore do not endorse the use of compostable bioplastics as a suitable solutions and instead encourage you to bring your reusables. 

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