PLASTIC. What's the problem?

Plastic was built to last. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists in some form today. Plastic is an incredible creation with many applications. However, the problem with plastics arose when we began creating single-use and disposable items out of it. Used once, lasts forever.


recycling? nope!

Only a very small percentage of disposable plastic is recycled, it's not the solution. The process is resource intensive, and while it does have benefits and is better than landfill, it's not the long-term solution to the plastic problem. The solution is to stop using disposable plastics and choose reusable instead.

choose to reuse? YAAAS!

The very best thing you can do is to create an arsenal of plastic-free alternatives to win the daily disposable plastic battle! 

Be Prepared

1. Create a Reusables Kit - choose functional and visually appealing designs. Fill a Boomerang Bag with a reusable cup, straw, cutlery, bottle and container and carry it with you every day. 

Need to some reusables? Locals, check out Angel's Healthfoods or Freedom Organics. Online friends, head to Biome.

2. Keep your Reusables Kit front of mind when you leave the house. Keep your stash hanging near your front door or next to your keys. Keys, wallet, phone, reusables? Check!

3. Pop a 'Plastic Free' bumper sticker on your car! Contact us for a free sticker.

seek and ye shall find

There are now PLENTY of plastic-free alternatives to everyday items available - and because many of these are made by the eco and ethically-minded they are also natural, organic, palm-oil free and vegan. WIN WIN! 

You can now safely buy anything from washing detergent, to reusable cups, to mascara, to shampoo, to cotton bags that keep your veggies crisp, to stainless steel razor, food wrap, bamboo toothbrushes and more! Go forth and live plastic-free friends!  

In Phillip Island & San Remo try Angel's Healthfoods or Freedom Organics. For online shoppers, we highly recommend Biome and a browse of Etsy. It's always best to buy local, however we understand this is not always an option. You can also have fun making your own