our partners help our community choose reusable alternatives to disposable plastics.

We actively support our community to choose reusable alternatives to plastic bags, coffee cups, straws, bottles, containers and cutlery. To do this we've partnered with national initiatives and campaigns that have successfully helped other communities across Australia reduce their use of disposable plastics. 


boomerang bags phillip island & San remo

Boomerang Bags is a community-driven initiative tackling plastic pollution at the grassroots level. Dedicated schools, community groups, businesses and volunteers get together to make re-usable 'Boomerang Bags' using recycled materials as a means to replace plastic bags. Since March 2017, our local group has sewn over 6000 Boomerang Bags! Find out more...


responsible cafes

As featured on the ABC's War on Waste, Responsible Cafes connects thoughtful cafes with conscious consumers through one simple idea... cafes can reduce or eliminate disposable coffee cups by offering a discount to customers with reusable takeaway cups. SIGN UP HERE.


straw no more project

Molly Steer is 10 years old. She wants to encourage all schools in Australia to stop using single use plastic straws. She believes we owe it to the ocean and the Great Barrier Reef. So, she started the Straw No More Project - her own campaign to get businesses, school and individuals in Far North Queensland to stop using single use plastic straws. Now, Molly wants to share her message with the world!

Molly is currently sharing her Straw No More Project with Newhaven Primary School Years 3 & 4 students. We hope this will inspire a group of little ocean guardians to encourage Phillip Island and San Remo to ditch disposable straws too.