Island Wide, Along The Tide - Marine Debris Event Wrap-Up

Last weekend, we took part in the Island Wide, Along The Tide - Marine Debris event. With a team of over 100 staff, volunteers, community members and visitors, the event managed to remove a massive 121 kg of marine debris from shorelines across the island! This included well over 10,000 individual pieces of debris; with many microplastics in the mix.

A huge thanks to the Phillip Island Nature Parks for organising the day and inviting us and Boomerang Bags along to set up our stalls. Mitch’s reusable milk carton wallets were a hit!

Events like this one are a prime indicator of why it’s so important to rethink the everyday objects we use and where they’re going to end up after we’re finished using them. Especially plastics!

Here are a few super easy ways you can minimise your plastic waste today:

  1. Drink from a stainless steel water bottle (not only will it save you money, but the water also stays colder than in plastic! A massive win in summer)

  2. Keep caffeinated with a keep cup - and save money doing so when you buy from any of these responsible cafes.

  3. Suck your smoothies/juices through a metal straw

  4. Carry a reusable container with you for lunches on the run

  5. Use jars to store your dry goods such as nuts, grains and seeds (if you’re a local, you can top them up at Angel’s Health Foods and pay no more than you would buying them wrapped in plastic)

  6. Need a bag to carry all your reusables in? Look no further than the wonderful Boomerang Bags!

Are you a local business on Phillip Island or San Remo? Join our fast-growing movement to reduce or eliminate plastic from your business. Find out more and register here.