Plastic Free Phillip Island and San Remo is a community-driven initiative that educates, unites and empowers our community to choose reusable alternatives to single-use plastics. We provide tools and support to assist local businesses and individuals to make these positive changes simply and effectively. 



Our vision is for Phillip Island and San Remo to be nationally recognised as a plastic free community and destination.



Our purpose is to grow an environmentally responsible community dedicated to protecting Phillip Island and San Remo's unique biodiversity from plastic pollution. 

To achieve this, we start conversations about the environmental and social benefits of removing single-use plastics from our daily lives and we make plastic-free solutions accessible, so that we can all take ownership, work together and drive this positive change in our community. 

Our first focus was for locally owned businesses to remove single-use plastic bags from their operations through our Plastic Bag Free project in partnership with Boomerang Bags Phillip Island & San Remo. Our hope was that our community would use the impetus of this initiative to transition away from other disposable plastics (coffee cups, straws, bottles, packaging). Over the past year this has become the reality and as such we have also partnered with Responsible Cafes, the Straw No More Project and Westernport Water's Choose Tap campaigns. 

We are now helping businesses remove single-use plastic bags, cups, straws, bottles, containers and cutlery from their operations.



By June 2018:

= Raise community awareness and understanding about the impacts of disposable plastics through participation in major events, social media and local media.

- Secure a commitment of 500 locals who have pledged to shop Plastic Free.

- For 30% of Phillip Island and San Remo’s locally owned businesses to be voluntarily single-use Plastic Bag Free.

- One completely disposable plastic free business.

- Encourage 5000 Boomerang Bags to be circulating within the community by June 2018, replacing approximately 680,000 single-use plastic bags (based on average Australian est. of 170 plastic bags used per person per year) and diverting 1000 kilograms of plastic bags from landfill (based on one Boomerang Bag replacing 0.25 kg of plastic bag landfill).

- Launch Straw No More as our plastic straw-free partner.


WHAT our community has ACHIEVED SO FAR...

  • 38 Plastic Bag Free businesses.

  • Eight businesses actively Reducing Plastic Bags.

  • Three fully single-use plastic free businesses (no plastic cups, straws, cutler, containers or bottles).

  • Two businesses activity reducing single-use plastics.

  • As of November 2018 the local Boomerang Bags community has sewn over 8500 reusable bags.


  • Plastic Free Phillip Island & San Remo has:

  • Developed four key partnerships with plastic-reduction initiatives Boomerang Bags, Westernport Water (bottles), Straw No More Project and Responsible Cafes.

  • Held five large community events, social media community of 1850, participated in local markets and featured in local and state media.

  • Received significant donation from Laura & Matt McNamara, local business owners and creators of The Avocado Tribe.

  • Secured two sponsorships from Westernport Water and Phillip Island Nature Parks.

  • Eight regular dedicated volunteers are on board.

  • Initial Plastic Bag Free project successfully used as impetus to expand our initiative to Plastic Free and reducing other forms of disposable plastics - cups, straws, bottles, containers and cutlery.

  • Finalist in the Parks Victoria Environmental Sustainability Award at the 2018 Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Awards.